Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Cross Country Champions

Congratulations to the following teams who captured the KPAC team banners.

Final Team Results

JV Girls
  1st - Selkirk

JV Boys
  1st - River East

Varsity Girls
  1st - Maples

Varsity Boys
  1st - Garden City

Good luck to all teams and individuals who will be competing at the MHSAA Provincial Cross Country Championships at Stony Mountain Ski Area in Stony Mountain, MB.


Race info can be found at

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Volleyball Schedules Posted

The 2019 volleyball schedules for the junior varsity and varsity levels of play have been posted under the "Volleyball" tab. 
To view the schedules, select "Schedule" for the level of play you wish to view.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Golf Championship Results

The KPAC golf championships were help on September 9th at Bel Acres Golf & Country Club.
As such the following teams/individuals will be heading to the Swan River Golf & Country Club, on September 20th to compete against the best golfers in the province.

Girls Team
1st – River East
2nd - Miles Mac

Girls Individual
1st – (89) Haley Rebeck (River East)
2nd – (107) Hanna Melnic (Miles Mac)

3rd– (108) Joleen Galagan (River East)

Boys Team
1st - Kildonan East
2nd – Garden City

3rd- Miles Mac

Boys Individual
T-1st – (74) Branden Huminuk (River East) - won in the playoff
                  Lachlan Allerton (Kildonan East)
T-3rd - (75) Carter Johnson (Kildonan East)
                  Trey Ross (Kildonan East)

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Welcome Back

As a new school year commences, all of us at KPAC would like to wish all participating athletes, coaches, supervisors and parents, a heartfelt "Welcome Back!".
Every year, much effort goes into the planning and organization of the athletic opportunities for our student-athletes and we certainly hope their experiences are lasting positive memories on their high school experiences.
Wishing you all, all the best!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Girls Soccer | Champions Crowned

The 2019 KPAC Girls soccer champions were crowned last night. It was the girls from River East Collegiate who proved to be too much for their rivals from West Kildonan Collegiate, defeating them by a score of 3-0.
River East will now move onto the MHSAA provincial championships, May 31- June 1, in Winnipeg.
-Good luck ladies!

Monday, April 29, 2019

2019 KPAC Soccer Draws | Now Posted

The 2019 KPAC soccer tournament draws are now posted under the 'Soccer' tab. 
Please note that all KPAC games are to be played at Maples Collegiate.

Monday, March 18, 2019

2018-19 KPAC Basketball | All-Stars

JV Girls
  J. Atkinson | GC
  J. Rumbaua | GC
  R. Cirio | GC
  W. Malok | KE
  K. Bernardo | KE
  K. Sims | MM
  K. Anderson | RE
  P. Stokowski | SE
  G. Beltran | MA
  A. Fortunato | MU

JV Boys
  S. Hilderbrandt | MB
  W. Peters | MB
  E. Olfert | MB
  Q. Maclang | GC
  K. Saysana | GC
  D. Smith | KE
  D. Cantin | MA
  J. Garcia | WK
  E. Mensah | MM
  S. Okhmatovski | RE

Varsity Girls
  K. Wonnacott | KE
  G. Dhillon | KE
  J. Abdullah | KE
  M. de Koning | RE
  D. Pokrant | RE
  M. Frolek | MM
  K. Mas | GC
  A. Benson | SE
  K. Meehalchan | MB
  M. Arnuco | MA

Varsity Boys
  J. Macalalad | MA
  T. Deol | MA
  F. Toor | MA
  T. Penner | GC
  K. Reyes | GC
  B. Mensah | MM
  G. Gill | KE
  T. Julian | RE
  R. Garvin | LO
  B. Obirek | WK