Cross Country

KPAC Cross Country 2020-21
  Convenor - Scott Gurney | Selkirk Regional Secondary School | | 204.482.6926

KPAC Constitution

2020 Cross Country Meet Schedule | Proposed Schedule

Thursday, September 24 - Kilcona Park @ 4:30pm | JV Girls & Boys | Results

Thursday, October 1 - Kilcona Park @ 4:30pm | Varsity Girls & Boys | CANCELLED

Wednesday, October 7 - Bird's Hill Park @ 11:30am | JV Girls & Boys | Results
Thursday, October 15 - Kilcona Park @ 11:30am | ALL CATEGORIES | Results

Race Distances will be as follows...
JV Girls - 3000m  |  JV Boys - 4000m  |  Varsity Girls - 4000m  |  Varsity Boys - 5000m

***COVID-19 Guidelines for Safe Participation in Cross Country Running***

  Prior to arrival, each athlete and coach should complete a COVID self-screening questionnaire and submit to COVID Safety Official. (sample: AC attachment, p. 25)

· Sanitize hands upon arrival and observe social distancing whenever possible.

· Schools set up separate “camps” or “home bases” and should not mix with athletes from other schools.

· Coaches will need to provide the convenor with a list of participating athletes and coaches before arrival. This is to ensure we stay under the “100 participant” permit limit.

· Warmups and course walk-throughs should be completed with physical distancing in mind.

· Athletes remain with their teams until called to the start line.

· Start line will be divided into “boxes” for each school: fastest two athletes at the front and all athletes maintaining physical distancing. (see AM attachment, p.6)

· Whenever possible, while running, athletes should:

- Maintain distancing from others; no “drafting”.

- When passing, call out “passing on your left” and then pass immediately, 6 feet away.

- Runners who are passed should drop back to 6-foot distance.

· Athletes maintain distancing in finish chute and leave finish area immediately.

· Athletes and teams leave site as soon as possible.

· All volunteers in finish area will be wearing masks. Place cards will be handed out by volunteer with gloves and mask.

· All participants should sanitize hands when they leave the site.

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