Convener: Grade 9 | Treva Tilston-Jones, Murdoch MacKay Collegiate

Grade 9 Tournament Pools   |    Grade 9 Tournament Match List

Convener: Junior Varsity & Varsity | Calvin Christian Collegiate, David Pinto

2023 Tournament Info 

2023 Tournament Registration Forms

2023 Detailed Tournament Info | To Be Posted

Coaches and athletes are asked to please take a look at the following documents and get to know your team number for what pool your in (ex. A1 or B5)

and please take some time to write down your match numbers.

Varsity Team Number Assignments and Associated Pool    |   Draw and Game Order  


Junior Varsity Team Number Assignments and Associated Pool   |   Draw and Game Order

Varsity Preliminary Results & Playoff Brackets

   Girls Singles     Results   |    Playoffs

   Girls Doubles    Results    |   Playoffs 


   Boys Singles      Results    |   Playoffs 

   Boys Doubles     Results    |   Playoffs 

   Mixed Doubles     Results    |   Playoffs 

Varsity Final Results ALL categories

Junior Varsity Preliminary Results & Playoff Brackets

    Girls Singles     Results  |   Playoffs

    Girls Doubles      Results   |   Playoffs

    Boys Singles     Results   |   Playoffs

    Boys Doubles      Results   |   Playoffs

    Mixed  Doubles    Results   |    Playoffs

Junior Varsity Final Results ALL Categories

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