Grade 9
Convener: Alan Ahow, Garden City Collegiate

Junior Varsity & Varsity 
Convener: Treva Tilston-Jones, Murdoch MacKay Collegiate

Junior Varsity | Schedule & Results  | Playoffs

Here are some key details to ensure a smooth experience for everyone involved: 

Event Details:

Athletes should arrive between 3:15-3:45 pm at their designated facility and register at the registration desk upon arrival. 

Athletes will be allowed to warm-up before we start play at 4:00 pm. We kindly ask participants to share space on courts to warm-up and limit their warm-up time to a maximum of 10 minutes. This will help ensure that everyone has ample time to prepare for their matches.

All round-robin games will be played to 21 points, win by 2. However, we will cap games at 30 points.  

Boys singles and doubles will take place at CPET (white brick building) located at 216 Redonda St, adjacent to Murdoch. Please enter using the front doors. 

Girls singles, doubles, and mixed doubles will be held at Murdoch (red brick building) located at 260 Redonda St. When entering Murdoch, please use the North doors. 

Preliminaries will utilize 8 courts at Murdoch and 5 courts at CPET, while playoffs will involve 6 courts at Murdoch and 5 at CPET. 

Tie Breakers and Additional Information:

Coaches have been provided the bylaws and procedures for managing tie-breaking situations.    

In case of tie-breakers deciding 4th place, an extra game to 21 points will be played.

We advise coaches to ensure that athletes do not leave without checking in with you or the desk. 

On-Site Facilities:     

A canteen will be available at Murdoch, operated by our parent council and grad committee, accepting cash or Tap payments.      

At CPET, there will be drink and food machines, but no canteen.     

Athletes are reminded not to leave valuables in the washrooms and to take responsibility for their belongings.      

Coaches are encouraged to designate an area in the gym for athletes' gear.

A coaches room will be provided at Murdoch, located in our staff room.

Students are welcome to use the canteen eating area for food consumption but are asked NOT to eat in the gymnasiums.         

Parking is available in the north parking lot and across the street at the skateboard park. 

Attendance and Space Limitations:              

Due to limited space, we kindly request that athletes invite only parents to the event.        

Non-participating students can stay updated via the live result document.          

We ask athletes and parents not to stand in the playing areas and to use the seating provided. The bleachers will need to remain closed so we asked spectators to please NOT sit on the bleachers.

We have 95 Varsity games scheduled at CPET and 196 at Murdoch for Monday, as well as 110 JV Games at CPET and 210 at Murdoch for Tuesday. We kindly ask for your patience as we navigate these events. A few mistakes may occur, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work to ensure a smooth and enjoyable championship experience for all participants. 

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