Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Welcome Back Student-Athletes, Coaches & Families

 We at KPAC would like to extend our warmest and most sincere "Welcome Back. It's wonderful to see you all again" to our student-athletes, coaches and families, as we embark on what will hopefully be a more "normal" interscholastic sport season. 

  We would also like to remind everyone to remember what these interscholastic athletic opportunities are intended to be; Positive and fun memories of student's lives while in high school. So let us all endeavour to do our utmost to support this ideal for everyone involved. 

 We would also like to note that as we begin to welcome back our fans into our buildings that each school may have some slightly nuanced expectations of COVID protocols and that all teams and visitors become familiar with these protocols prior to entering each facility. Most schools have adopted a "mask friendly" policy so that while medical masks are not required they are welcomed to be worn by anyone and everyone as a means to continue to protect our most vulnerable. 

Wishing you all, all the best this school year.